Our Annual Challenge

Every year our members take a vote on what we want our theme to be for the next freeform fiberart challenge.

The winning theme is announced on January 1st. and we then have five months to design and create a freeform fiberart piece for that theme.

Our challenge entries are kept a secret until the 'show' goes live online and in a published book.

This year we had joint winning themes:
Weather and Galaxies

Our members are free to choose whichever theme they like, or combine both themes together to create their artworks.

Twenty-seven members took up the challenge, and in the following pages you can see their 
wonderfully creative entries.

The 2018 Fiberartists are:

  ...Weather Theme...  

      Bonnie Pierce

      Cyra Lewis

      Suzanne Barr

      Judith Horsman

      Sirpa Viitanen

      Liz Keltie

      Cheryl Hopper

      Tia MM Hegstad

  ...Weather & Galaxies Themes Combined...  

      Denise Royal

      José Maldonado

  ...Galaxies Theme...  

      Andrea Graham

      Pirkko Vega

      Annie Webster

      Rita Cavallaro

      Fermin Coronado

      Veronica Smith

      Reta Kell

      Christina Lee

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed everyone's beautiful work. I am blessed and honored to be able to be a part of such a talented group.


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