2018 Cheryl Hopper

Cheryl Hopper
Washington, Pennsylvania, USA

Snow and Ice

Size 56 by 30

With the global warming which is occurring throughout the world, we are all facing changes in our local weather that we have never seen before.  This year we had snow in April.  For us this past winter has been unusual with all the snow and ice.  

My piece “SNOW AND ICE”, is representative of what I saw outside my window.  Living in the countryside provides a backdrop of dramatic proportions.  The ice glistens off the snow and the whole world seemed wonderous.  This wrap symbolizes the snow and ice on the ground.  It also can be used to provide warmth for those frosty days.  An opportunity to become part of the landscape.

Technique:  free form crochet, beading, couching, and I used clear plastic strips woven into the yarn to symbolize the ice crystals.



  1. The snows stack on top of one another as winter moves along - and I see it all through your great piece, even when we don't have much snow here. You have a wonderful eye for the seasons.

  2. What an apt aspect of weather to depict! A little south of you in Washington D.C. suburbs we also experienced April snow---and you are so right to depict global warming. And you did so so beautifully, even using non-typical materials, making your piece all the more elegant!

  3. Cheryl, your piece is delicate, elaborate and beautiful!


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