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Kristi Gale Zemas

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             After the Storm

The sirens wail, old World War II,
air raid sirens. A storm is imminent,
the air is weird. Green on the horizon. A
cloud wall rolling across the fields.
You run for the husband and the fur babies,
all collected. Phone chirping, tv blaring,
storm radio statically telling you to seek shelter.
It wails and pounds, you hear that eerie train
you've been told to listen for. You pray harder than
you've ever prayed. A mattress over you and the kennel.
Hubby holding one side, and repeating "it's
going to be ok" while you hold the other side soothed by his
hand on yours.
Silence, is it over. You run to the window.
A slight parting of the clouds, a sunset, pink, purple, gold in
all it's glory.
A slice of Heaven above. The flowers, battered but cleaned by
the rain, glowing in the last moments of a very long day.



  1. What glorious color and joie de vivre!

  2. Whoa! What a colorful, joyous impression of a storm! Kristi's work never fails to delight the senses!

  3. Kristi, this is a beautiful poem and exquisite piece.


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