Our Annual challenge

The 2023 challenge came in the form of 

Our members were given the 'loose' instructions to let the roll of dice determine their yarn, stitch pattern and how many rows and/or stitches to make.

Some members used number and alphabet generators on their computers to tell them what to use.

The result of creating freeform in this way is a fun way to get random and innovative designs.

Our Fiberartists for 2023 are:

Allison Jones

Bonnie Prokopowicz

Christina M. Lee

Cyra Lewis

Deborah Levine-Donnerstein

Denise Hannigan

Gwen Buttke McGannon

Jenny Whiting

Judith Horsman

Karen Richardson

Karin Stahl

Lisa Doherty

Pauline Fitzpatrick

Renee Bova


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