2018 Bonnie Prokopowicz

Bonnie Prokopowicz
Oak Park, IL USA

Facebook: Bonnie.Prokopowicz

Gathering Storm

I worked this piece entirely in half double crochet in the “third loop” -- called camel crochet by some. I worked each row from right to left with the front of the work facing me, i.e. without turning. 

I had a difficult time with this year’s theme, and “Gathering Storm” seemed like an apt title, both for my experience and for how it turned out in the end.



  1. What an appropriate title for your work! That storm is truly growing - but in such marvelous colors and ways.

  2. Bonnie, I LOVE this!

  3. I love this, especially your use of camel crochet! It truly makes your "Gathering Storm" look aptly titled!


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