2018 Christina Lee

Christina Lee
Bradenton, Florida

Galaxy Necklace

When I started this year's Challenge, I thought to myself Galaxies are boring and how do you crochet either Galaxies or Weather?  To me those categories sounded extremely 'challenging' in themselves.  Then I did a search on the web for 'galaxies' and, oh my, I found out the Galaxies are not boring at all.  They are beautiful, colorful, bright and vivid!  Upon that discovery, I decided I had to make a galaxy. 

My necklace focal piece is made from crochet thread incorporating silver beads in it to represent the stars among the galaxy.  My necklace is made from beaded rope crochet and I incorporated random 'stars' among the black beads in the necklace allowing my Galaxy to be suspended in the universe among the stars.  

When looking at the beauty and the vastness of galaxies, I cannot help but see the hand of Master Creator who created the universe in them.



  1. Simple, but lovely depiction of a galaxy. You should be proud of your creation!

  2. This will be a delight to wear!

  3. Christina, your bead crochet necklace with original crocheted pendant is lovely wearable art!


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