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Annie Webster
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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The Universe Favors Spheres

On an episode of StarTalk, Neil deGrasse Tyson said that the universe favors the sphere. While Dr. Tyson said this to explain that there is no way that the earth is flat, his statement inspired me to create my own galaxy of freeform crochet spheres. 

In my galaxy wall hanging, there are lumps and bumps. There are sparkles and bright colors. There are different shapes and sizes. There is effort and imperfection. All are welcome.

Annie Webster is a fiber artist in Kansas City, Missouri. She learned to sew and embroider from her mom and grandma, studied graphic design at Penn Valley Community College, and learned to crochet on her own (with a little help from the internet). 

After more than a decade of designing marketing materials for a mailing list company, Annie left her job to concentrate on fiber art full-time. She lives in Kansas City’s northland with her husband Mike and a large yarn stash.



  1. Tee hee, I just want to dive into your galaxies and explore all those worlds.

  2. What a beautiful, yet playful look at spheres in the galaxy! Love your jewel colors on a black surface and your glorious use of textures!

  3. Fun piece! I really like how the colors pop against the black.

  4. Annie, your dimensions, stitches, textures, and colors are gorgeous!


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