2018 Margaret Moore Holmberg

Margaret Moore Holmberg
Alabama, USA

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Weather Circles

First I made wind. The aspects that most affect me in my new home are Wind, Sun/Heat, Rain/Snow, Pressure (barometric), and Blue Skies.
Little did I think that my home would be hit by a tornado only a week after I finished the circles. 
All is well, and these will be outdoors on temperate days and indoors otherwise.



  1. I always look forward to seeing Margaret's artistry. I wasn't expecting much this year due to all her recent tribulations. But I see, that she, a true artist, has managed to fully capture the different aspects of weather. This is spectacular!!!

  2. This is an amazing collection of weather artistry, I love all of them.

  3. Margaret, your Weather Circles are wonderful! Happy to read you made it through the big storm!


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