2018 Tia MM Hegstad

Tia M.M. Hegstad
From Edinburgh, Scotland,
Currently living in Moss, Norway.

I chose  the theme weather because Scotland is famous for having a lot.  

My piece is based on the phrase “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.”

This year I decided only to scrumble, and I found it relaxing and fun once things started coming together.

It starts with a blue sky, sunny day, which rapidly moves onto sunshine and showers, luckily with a beautiful rainbow.  

Things then progress to a thunderstorm, and then a wee shower of snow.

I made some glass buttons to represent puddles from the rain shower. One has a copper leaf embedded in it, and 3 others have CZ crystals.



  1. The buttons are wonderful, but the overall piece is great. I especially like the "grass" under the puddles/buttons.

  2. Such a great depiction of all the seasons encompassed in one day. We have the same saying in Northern Virginia, but I must admit that the weather changes I experienced near Hadrian's wall were more dramatic than those experienced at home. And you have captured the drama of weather change so beautifully! I love your use of silver thread, rainbow ribbon, buttons, and beads!

  3. Tia, your depictions of stitches in changing weather are lovely!


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