2018 Rita Cavallaro

Rita Cavallaro
Messina, Sicily-Italy

Facebook: ritablunur

 THE MILKY WAY - Freeform Sculpture

The work represents in an artistic key,''the milky way''. The marvelous galaxy of which our planet earth is part.
Its color over time has diversified, appears white overall, but the actual color typically depends on the stars it is made of.  

It is from white that all colors are born: I conceived this sculpture concentrating much more on the design and on the effects of color leaving aside the technical aspect of the points, which however are present in the background, through the use of knitting and crochet effects, to create a "cosmos" background .  

To make it shiny, I experimented with different materials, including pearls, paper tape, buttons, raffia and sequins.



  1. Great use of color, beadwork, and imagery.

  2. I love it!!!! Such an exciting use of texture and color. I love your symbolism too, of white being the source of all colors!

  3. Excellent usage of fiber,color,design,beadwork!!

  4. This is a stunning piece of art with so much detail I love it.

  5. Beautiful piece with great color work and design.

  6. Thank you to all of you for appreciate my work :)

  7. Rita, your piece is exquisite with its bright textures and exciting colors.

  8. This is truly beautiful


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