2018 José Maldonado

José Maldonado
United States
Instagram & Facebook: @allofjose

The original plan was much more than this, but as I decided to travel a month after receiving the challenge, I had to switch gears and simplify. 

Traveling also means that I do not purchase yarn unless it is gifted to me or they are “scraps” left over from projects people have ordered. 

In this piece, I used scraps from three different projects and the actual background that held it all together was yarn gifted to me by an old high school friend. 

In relation to the theme for this year, the scrap yarn is also meant to symbolize the scraps we leave on this planet.

See, the tree in the middle is meant to symbolize mother earth, stripped from its greeness through the acts of humankind. 

As we look up to other planets in our galaxy to eventually call home, we fail to realize the trash land we are leaving behind. So mother earth uses her powers, as the changing background in the piece, to throw us random weather patterns so that she can eventually reclaim her home and remind us that no matter which planet we occupy, we are merely visitors.



  1. Very interesting piece and reflection about our world.

  2. Very provocative and certainly a well-timed reminder that we should be better custodians of the earth! Dramatic use of colors!

  3. Jose, enjoyed your piece—its colors and dimensions.


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