2017 Valerie Broege

Valerie Broege
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

I am a senior who began taking crochet courses in July, 2015.  
This is my first freeform piece, which I have sewn to the front of a black T-shirt.  I wanted to hint at the infinite and timeless bounty and beauty of nature’s efflorescence in the flowers, leaves, and butterfly cord that I have created – most of which motifs are imaginary and are suggestive of future possibilities.  

A major source of inspiration for this project has been my many visits over the years to the glorious Montreal Botanical Garden with its extensive grounds and greenhouse exhibitions, including an annual “Butterflies Go Free” event.   

Also I have been very attracted to crochet as an art form because of its versatility that can become manifest in so many different and aesthetically pleasing creations. 




  1. Many colourful elements of crochet in your piece Valerie. Love the addition of the 'bling' in the shiny pearl beads.

  2. So beautiful---looks like a fabulous piece of jewelry!

  3. This outstanding piece is brilliant and beautiful...so lovely!

  4. So pretty! Love the composition!


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