2017 Nell Loops

Nell Loops

'Magic Multiplying Mushrooms' 

                                                                 Adorning trees
                                                                 like a string of pearls
                                                                 on a long, slender neck,
                                                                 mushrooms appear
                                                                 as if by magic.

                                                                 Each cushioned cup
                                                                 hugging the others,
                                                                 creating perfect staircases
                                                                 for Faeries of the night.


I have always loved seeing mushrooms appear, multiplying in their own beautiful pattern, 
so similar way to the way a freeform piece is created - one stitch on top of the other, seemingly randomly...but perfect. 




  1. A very exciting fiberart work Nell. Love the inspiration photo and how you have captured the essence of it in your freeform stitches on the collar.

  2. Thanks so very much Cyra, for your kind comments and all the work you put into the challenge. ��

  3. So beautiful! And I love the concept of using shelf fungi as an inspiration for a collar!

  4. Thanks so very much Karen.

  5. I love the details of this lovely work! Its shapes are wonderful!

  6. Beautiful and delicate. I wish I had mushrooms that colour in my garden


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