2017 Liz Keltie

Liz Keltie
near St Andrews
Fife, Scotland


My piece is called "Geraniums". It is all in crochet and consists of (mainly) 4 ply yarns. 

The base is in freeform to give a sense of depth to my garden border. 

The leaves for the flowers were formed and then stitched onto the background. 

I tried to give a representation of the play of light on them. 

I added the flowers (and some other leaves) to give a 3D effect. 

The border was added to give softness to the edge.

Inspiration photo by Liz Keltie

Ravelry: bizzielizzie
IFFFG Yahoo group: dizziebizzielizzie




  1. Beautiful work Liz. You have captured your inspiration photo perfectly, and I love how the different layers of your piece gives depth to the garden scene.

  2. Love the textures of this piece! I see that this piece is geraniums, with geranium leaves, very much like your photo. But before studying it I saw violets, some of my favorite flowers that fill me with peace. So gorgeous!

  3. Lovely capture of texture and color in your piece!

  4. Very nice composition and the border was such a great addition!


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