2017 Nicola Kelsall

Nicola Kelsall
Nottinghamshire, England

I’ve always been drawn to the golden ratio and how it appears over and over in nature, so I decided to include it in my piece.
However, I wanted to take it out of context a little – to use it in a place in nature where it doesn’t normally occur, but where there are other patterns.

 I live within the boundary of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, England 
and love exploring trees through crochet, and so my concept was born.

 I had a lot of fun making this. I’ve used a variety of yarns including new, recycled and vintage, 
along with different weights and fibres.

 There are lots of quirky looking trees in the old forest and lots with very gnarled looking 
trunks and I hope I've captured the essence of this in my piece.

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  1. Yes, all the bumps an wiggles of a gnarly tree trunk are there. What a great concept and design. Very creative.

  2. Great tree! Love all the swirls, whirls, coils, and wiggles as well as the color variations!

  3. Your work is so beautifully shaped and its lovely patterns emerge in perfect color!

  4. What a great depiction!


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