2017 Cathy Broder

Cathy Broder
New York, USA

The depiction of "Trees has a long history associated with life, knowledge, shelter, and mother nature..."

The crisp cold silence of a walk through the woods reveals the raw rustic beauty of nature. 
Winter hibernation exposes the forest's natural wonders of fallen leaves, dormant shrubs, animal habitats, and flow of a sparkling stream.
The tones of the woods were the inspiration of my experience expressing the beauty as nature comes alive devoid of colorful leaves and flowers depicting the Passage of Life.



  1. I'm really loving all of this wonderful texture in your piece Cathy.

  2. I love the subtle colors, the fabulous textures, and the organic nature of this art piece. Well done!

  3. Veronica Smith10:56

    I echo the wonderful words that Karen has said. Lovely work

  4. Beautiful use of color, shape and texture in this work!

  5. The textures and colours work well together!


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