2017 Gayle Heath

Gayle Heath
Rotorua, New Zealand

Secret Garden

For the theme of "Patterns in Nature", after spending literally weeks trying to decide how I could do justice to nature's patterns with freeform, I decided to actually put the patterns into nature instead taking the patterns from nature.

I did not wish to add to the huge amount of pollution and waste from mankind, so all of the pieces are worked in natural cotton over rocks and driftwood, and are now a part of the landscape, a nearly hidden part of the garden. 

Over time the cotton will break down, and as in the natural world, return back to the basic elements as nature intended.



  1. A very interesting and intriguing display Gayle. Love the contrast of the white thread in the lovely greens of your Secret Garden. I really like your idea of crochet made especially for rocks or branches.

  2. I see spiderwebs! Spiders are nature's first spinners/weavers, so many fiber artists have an affinity for them, or at least for their webs. I love the natural look of this and your planned ephemeral nature for this creation. Such a great concept!

  3. I Love your display of your engaging shapes and patterns!

  4. What a great garden!


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