2017 Judith Horsman

Judith Horsman
Bridlington, East Yorkshire, 
United Kingdom

'A Slice through Time'

The study of growth rings (Dendrochronology) indicates the effect of climate change of each passing year. 

 As with humans, life can be tough for trees, the effects of rain, drought, fire, disease and injury as well as air pollution all leave their mark in the growth rings. 

 In the same way life can leave it’s mark on we humans, yet given the right conditions we, and the trees, will flourish taking our strength from our inner core.

Ravelry name:  judithooker
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  1. This piece is a wonderful interpretation of our them Judith, and thank you for introducing a new word (Dendrochronology) to me, lol. What an interesting subject that is.
    Your project has many interesting 'rings' to its growth too, and some lovely textured yarns add to its appeal.

  2. Oh how interesting! Being a rockhound, before reading this I thought of agate banding---hadn't drawn a correlation between dendrochronology and geology before seeing this! Lovely work!

  3. I love your setting for this important and beautiful work!

  4. Such a great piece. I really enjoy seeing the close up views.


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