2017 Frances Pauli

Frances Pauli
Washington State
United States

Spiral Galaxies

Inspired by the, often invisible, geometry of the universe, I chose the spiral as my nature pattern. From the microcosm of our DNA to the infinite swirling of the stars, the spiral best represents my understanding of interconnectedness and the harmony of a pattern reflected over and over in all matter.

Ravelry Name: Neffis



  1. A galaxy of spirals and the spirals of our DNA. I love the variety of spirals, stitches and texture in your piece Frances.

  2. Love the spirals! It is amazing how pervasive spirals are to nature from DNA, to snail shells, to fern leaves, all the way up to the galaxy. You captured that beautifully with color and texture!

  3. Your spiral shapes and patterns are both fascinating and engaging...lovely in their interconnections.

  4. I like the harmony between your different spirals!


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