2017 Donna Walker

Donna Walker

Cross Sections

For the Pattern in Nature theme, I chose to do Cross Sections.
There are lemons, oranges and kiwi's as well as dragon fruit. 
They are all connected with lacy crochet and needle lace sections inspired by the microscopic cross-sections of so many things in nature, interspersed with bits of free form crochet.  

The colors of spring are the favorite colors of my grandmother who taught me to crochet.




  1. Well done Donna. Your colours make me happy, your design makes me smile, and your sliced fruit cross-section makes my mouth water.

  2. A riot of color and texture! And such a beautiful and fitting tribute to your grandmother who taught you to crochet!

  3. The layout of your exquisite piece and its intricacies with color and flow are beautiful!


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