2017 Katie Pendle

Katie Pendle
Panama City Beach, Florida

The instant I read this years theme I knew what I was going to do. 
Coral Reef, " hyperbolic"  mathematical crochet. 
I have always loved it but never felt it fit the theme so well in other years.  
Patterns in Nature is a perfect match. 
I'm hoping to see others used this idea also.
I plan to keep adding pieces to this and find a large aquarium to display them in.




  1. Two of my favourite things - coral reef and hyperbolic crochet. Love the starfish too, lol.

  2. Your rendition of a hyperbolic coral reef is terrific! What a fun project!

  3. Veronica Smith10:58

    Lovely depiction of a coral reef

  4. This piece is fantastic in its color, shape, and realism!

  5. Good work. I really like the shape and hope to see it as it grows.


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