2017 Tia M.M. Hegstad

Tia M.M. Hegstad
from Edinburgh, Scotland, living in Moss, Norway

Banded Agates

I have always loved collecting stones and rocks from the beach and at mineral fairs, and find the structures of semi precious stones very attractive.  One of my favourites is banded agates.  

For this project I used crochet, couching by machine and marbling on fabric to make the agate slices.  These are needle felted and sewn onto a wet felted background, based on the beautiful marble Scotsman Steps in Edinburgh, which I walked down last time I was home, in April.  

I went to a nearby beach here in Moss to find a nice real stone background for the photo.

I enjoyed this year’s challenge, and hope that everyone else did too.  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s projects.



  1. These are beautiful agate patterns Tia. Love the addition of the marbling on fabric as it's perfect for replicating the banded agates.

  2. As a fellow rockhound, what can I say but I love this idea of depicting agates...I think I even see some parallax effect in there!!!

  3. This beautiful piece brings color, pattern and dimension against its lovely background!

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  5. Here is my comment again without the typo: Really well done. So interesting to look at.


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