2017 Tatiana Mueller

Tatiana Mueller
Montreal, Canada

Freeform Collar

Once during a concert a musician explained how a musical instrument was made, he said that wood
 never dies, it continues to live with beautiful sounds. 

Creating my piece I was thinking about the same, gem stones never dies, and a plant can continue to
 live in cotton which turns out into beautiful flowers and leaves. 

They weave through the collar and whispering to each other... Nature never dies... just... 
Humans, don't kill it!



  1. Wonderful flowing and meandering lines throughout your design Tatiana, and the colours you have used are perfect together. A great piece.

  2. Fabulous collar with beautiful, subtle, natural-looking colors. Love the Art Nouveau look of this piece!

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  4. I continue to return to your beautiful piece, which evokes harmony with its intricate patterns.

  5. I love this so much!


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