2017 Jude Butterworth

Jude Butterworth
Ontario, Canada 

As the seasons change so do the leaves as they go from the lightly coloured green of new leaves to 
the brilliant colours of autumn which gradually disintegrate into leaf skeletons.

I am somewhat obsessed with the gradual decline that nature brings. Abandoned buildings, fallen 
trees, objects lost or discarded, and leaf skeletons all provide captivating opportunities for inspiration.

The influence of nature is undeniable, and one of its most compelling patterns is the 
ever repeating cycle of the seasons.

For this piece, each leaf is a separate little scrumble and no two are alike. 
Since leaves change and slowly disintegrate over time, I had to consider how best to achieve this. 
After a little experimentation I developed a technique that I call 'deconstructed crochet'. 
The techniques I used in this challenge are crochet, Irish crochet, deconstructed crochet, deconstructed Irish crochet, and deconstructed Tunisian crochet.

                                   THE BYRDS LYRICS
                     "Turn! Turn! Turn!"
                     To everything - turn, turn, turn
                     There is a season - turn, turn, turn
                     And a time to every purpose under heaven

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  1. You have portrayed a full year of seasonal change in one lovely artwork Jude. I love the design of this piece.

    1. Thank you. This year's challenge was so interesting. So many great pieces all together in one place. I am glad to have been a small part of it! Thanks for all your work!

  2. This is lovely to behold and contemplate. The deconstruction is most compelling!

    1. Thank you! Deconstruction was the only way I could think of to represent the decaying of the leaves. I was watching cooking shows where they were deconstructing typical food, like grilled cheese, and I thought 'Hey, I want to do that with crochet!'

  3. I agree with Akua...deconstruction is most compelling! And you have captured its essence fabulously in this beautiful piece!

    1. Thank you so much! It is fun to do, so much more ruthless than I usually do in freeform. Very freeing.

  4. Your lovely intricate leaves set in nature are beautiful!

    1. Thank you! I was so happy to see others doing leaf themes. What good company!


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