2015 Karen C.K. Ballard

Karen C.K. Ballard 
Manassas, Virginia
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In January, shortly after this year's free-form theme was announced, I went to Carolina Beach, NC.  I was seeking perfect shells and sea glass...and inspiration.  Humming "Beyond the Sea...on golden sands..." I beach-combed for 3 days, finding no perfect shells or sea glass. Instead I found interesting shells, reshaped by sea-worms and surf; "nature's free-form" I thought.  Inspired, I realized I was doing what I enjoyed to do most by the sea---beach-combing.  I wanted to capture that feeling.

My creation is a depiction of the golden sands, with surf-worn shells captured in watery clear peyote bead bezels on free-formed swirls of bead-crochet "beach", topped by a bead-crocheted "starfish", with a necklace of crocheted shell-chips embellished with free-form peyote-beaded "sand" and with freely-moving, bead-loop "waves" beyond the "beach.

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