2014 Zann Carter

Zann Carter
Terre Haute, IN.
poet and fiber artist

I struggled with this Challenge, as my work is usually a riot of color.
Inspiration finally struck with a skein of white. The many-layered tale of The
Snow Queen has appeared in my work before, with other pieces of the Snow
Queen’s wardrobe. Imagery from the story also appears in some of my poems.
The central piece is an angora/wool blend, edged with white ribbon yarn, yarncovered
pipe cleaners and sparkly white novelty yarn for icicles. 

Final embellishment: a poem.

The Snow Queen’s Fascinator
She likes pretty things,
the swarming of her snow bees,
the miraculous flowers inscribed by her frosts,
the silvery glint of sun on her never-thawing ice.
She likes, too, a good party,
and dresses herself in wintry splendor:
pale ermine robes, white silk shoes, a fascinator
of satiny ribbon, softest angora & fine ivory wool.
Icicles chime as she bends to greet guests
with her infamous kisses, leaving lipstick stains.
Her shade? Frostbitten.

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