2014 Kathie Cureington

Kathie Cureington
Florida, USA

I was working on my peach color challenge piece and I had no clue what it would be, I had a pile of scrumbles made, I was being busy. I really wasn't that happy or enthused with it, but I was committed and planned to stay with it. My daughter lent me the movie ‘Frozen’ to watch while I was working on the peach, that was all it took to make me stray...I could just clearly envision what I would make and when the movie was over I went to my white yarn tote and there it was, all curled up waiting to hop on my crochet hooks. It was like magic.
FROZEN is a 10" by 20" wall hanging mounted on canvas.
Hear me singing, "the cold never bothered me any way." 

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