2014 Marianne Seiman

Marianne Seiman

“Trash. Can. Dance”

“Privately I hope that at least someone will decide to do the most literal thing and stick to a single, plain, monochrome yarn - the same dyelot, even - and dazzle us with pure stitchery” wrote James Walters in January in our mailing list.

A month later I was down with high fever, coming in and out of sleep.
And there it was.
James’s words followed by an image of yarn I had laying around for ages. The plainest sturdy cotton weavers use in their work. Definitely “trash” compared to those most wonderful soft cottons we are able to use in our work these days.
And in the next moment I had “Trash. Can. Dance” dancing in my mind.
Just like that.

Making it was a piece of cake. A yummy one.

And it can!
This trash can.
Can’t it?

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