2014 Shannon Hunter

Shannon Hunter

Brown...what can I do with brown? 

After several weeks of combing my stash, op shops, garage sales, oddments from friends, and any shop that even looked like it sold wool, brown has become my best friend! It's range and depth of tone and hue is unbounded, from the palest beige, vanilla and latte, through mustard, almond, tea, cinnamon, ginger, peanut, hazel, toast, coffee, walnut, chocolate, raisin (amazing how many shades of brown relate to food!).  My freeform bag, with wooden handles, in many shades of brown is titled "Waiting for Spring" and depicts a tree, bare of leaves with just the buds of promise on its branches, and on the other side, a bleak wintry landscape with reeds nodding in the icy winds. 

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