2014 Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight

Lynn Berry and Margaret Knight


Surrounded by the beauty of the Australian bush in Cowes, Victoria (Australia), it didn't take long for us to agree on our interpretation of the "one" colour theme for this year's freeform challenge.
The colour we have chosen is Eucalypt.
Marg's growing interest in natural dyeing inspired us to experiment with dyeing various fibres ... wool, mohair and cotton; and for this project we used the leaves, bark and flowers from the large variety of eucalypt species found around Marg's home.
We used very little mordant, and even though we expected some variation in shade from the different eucalypt materials we used, we were quite surprised by the range of colour achieved depending on the species, the part of the tree, the age of the materials and the treatment of the dye.
Our piece is constructed entirely of crochet ... and to this day we still struggle to name the basic shape we have used: variously called pods, pots, spores, gumnuts or polyps. 

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