2014 Barbara Lawler

 Barbara Lawler
Ravelery username - Newform

Middle-earth Milly from Moseley Bog

 Moseley Bog is part of my local landscape that inspired Tolkien to create Middle-earth. In 1982 it provided the inspiration for my final degree show. This was the start of my freeform passion and so it seemed appropriate to use it as my design inspiration, some 32 years later, for this challenge.
Milly magically started to appear when her eyes emerged, imitating the wounds left on a tree when a branch has been removed. She continued to grow into her character with the addition of her branches, bark and ivy decoration. In retrospect, the extensive use of freeform cables that provided her richly textured surface seems to be an evolution of my project for the UK Freeformers Christmas Challenge (2013).
Milly was not just created for this challenge, she is more than that. She both represents and has her roots in my freeform journey of over 32 years.

Project Page (containing additional notes and original photographs.)

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