2007 Jodi Huerter

Jodi Huerter

Sarnia, Ontario Canada

Before I began each element, I thought about how I wanted to represent it in freeform. I decided to emphasize a particular element attribute for each scrumble. 

For water, I tried to show the ripples it makes. I made my stitches wavy and used the gold thread to reinforce that. 

For fire, I focused on flames. I made multiple knitted leaves to represent the flames and then sewed them together. I used the eyelash yarn to unify the various flames and the gold thread to show movement. 

For air, I wanted to show how it swirls on a windy day. I started with a spiral and then added an opposite curve and circle motif to emphasize the multidirectional nature of moving air. I used the gold thread for additional emphasize. 

For earth, which I tackled last because I’m not so fond of earth colors, I thought of a pile of dirt building up. I started building my scrumble up in layers to show that. I brought in greens and colors found in foilage to encompass more than just soil into my representation of earth and to add interest. Surprisingly, I liked this scrumble the best. It’s actually got me thinking about doing a freeform piece in earth tones despite my preference for vibrant, rich non-neutral colors.

This is actually the most thought out freeform pieces I have done, and I really enjoyed doing it that way. I usually spend the most time picking my colors and then just start mindlessly scrumbling for the most part using instinct to guide me. This challenge has made me think about scrumbling differently, and that alone has made the experience worthwhile.




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