2007 Janice Rosema

Janice Rosema

Hemet, CA USA

Growing up in a family of talented fiber women, Janice began exploring the textile arts at an early age.  Over the years, she has designed, created and taught in a number of fields including quilting, hand spinning and dyeing, weaving, knitting and crocheting, embroidery and millinery.  Her creations have been sold nation-wide as well as overseas in many high-end stores.  In the past she has taught these skills through Parks and Recreation classes, junior colleges and various yarn stores.  She has also been featured in art shows, international exhibitions and art-to-wear publications and fashion industry trade magazines.  Additionally, she creates unique pieces for a select celebrity clientele.  She has been commissioned by Ozark Handspun Yarns as a new designer for their products.  In 2006, her freeform creations won 3 blue ribbons at the Los Angeles County Fair.  She is an enthusiastic and inspiring teacher who is always exploring the possibilities of creativity.  Currently, she is working on a how-to book of her techniques which should be released sometime this year.

Earth - the colors and textures of the earth were inspiring to me as well as the use of natural fleece to ad even more to the organic quality of the design and represent the animals.

Air - the dyed fleece struck me as wonderfully dancing air currents in the sky with hints of swirling clouds.  This was a fun one to create.

Fire - some of the textured yarns employed in creating this piece really captured the look of leaping flames to me. 

Water - this piece incorporated the colors of the water off the coast of Carmel and Monterey with the wonderful aquamarine tones and swirl of water.

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