2007 Ildiko Szabo

Ildiko Szabo

Liverpool, England

This is my first challenge of this kind and I really enjoyed making these pieces.
I learnt to crochet when I was a little girl and put it aside for 30 years when I discovered the Freeform Crochet Group and now I’m addicted. I love the spontaneity, the textures and the variety of designs it produces. 

The image I had in mind was water gushing down a fast stream bubbling and foaming. I used the technique of crocheting frills onto a backing in various textured yarns. 

It reminded me of the sun. I love bright warm colours, orange is my favourite. I also used some fabric strips for flames. The petals/flames are crocheted onto a round base. 

Earth reminded me of the rolling hills of my home in Southern Hungary with their rows of crops and trees. This piece is a mini-landscape done as true freeform picking up stitches and adding here and there.

I made this piece on a horrible grey windy day. I hate wind – it gives me headaches. This is a representation of how wind picks up rubbish on a street corner and swirls it around. It’s spiral crochet in a funnel shape.

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