2006 Diane Simpson

Diane Simpson
Daingerfield, TX USA

I am a designer, editor and graphic designer for Quick and Easy Crochet magazine. I work from my home in Northeast Texas where I live with my best friend. He takes care of me while I crochet and work at the computer. We have 2 cats in the yard, 2 Betas in 2 tanks in the house. We each have a grown son from other relationships. I have been crocheting for about 35 years, made 3 FF pieces (crochet and weaving on bicycle wheels) in the late 70's and I have made 3 FF pieces in the past year or so.

"Ridin' on the 'The City of New Orleans'"
I made this while watching television during and after hurricane Katrina. As I worked the spiral, I realized it was connected to the hurricane. The colors I worked with are mostly traditional Mardi Gras colors. The piece is a sort of tribute and memory of the city. The title comes from a song by Arlo Guthrie. It is worked all in once piece, starting with the spiral in the center, changing colors, stitches as dictated by the yarn; then adding surface stitches and beads.

"Autumn in the Air"

This one was hard for me because it is not colors I would chose. I have a hard time enjoying warm/hot colors. Still, I do like the way it turned out and I had the perfect beads for the colors. It was made all in one piece, changing colors, stitches and directions as the yarn dictated.

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