2006 Edie Evans

Edie Evans
Zebulon, NC USA

I'm a 46 year old retired paramedic who lived a quiet, hermit-like life with my Jack Russell Terror (tm!) Lunaseigh Jane... until I recently married for the first time and acquired a husband, became a stepmom to two adolescents,  and rescued two more dogs, Bhaub and Llilee Loo.
Now I feel like I'm on a runaway train with no clue as to where I'm going, and trying to figure out how to enjoy the ride!

"I Will Wear No Red Hats"

I've been a wearer of purple for many years - long before the red hat ladies became popular, and purple became such a commonplace color. When I started this challenge I sorted my fibers into the colorway I usually work with - cool jewel tones - and the warm colors I never seem drawn to. I actually started with the warm colors, intending to use the discomfort as a way to stretch - and I created a piece that I like but needs work. This was actually the second piece I made, and it just flew. As I enter menopause and what I feel is a burgeoning time of creativity, my energy, both physical and psychological, is increasing. I feel no need for hats at all with the heat of metamorphosis, especially a red one of conformity!

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