2006 Diane Olsen

Diane Olsen
Dunellen, NJ USA

I love to do many things and freeform is now one of my favorite creative endeavors especially because of this 60-Odd Challenge. I learned to crochet when I was quite young and it is such a joy.  I’ve sold my crochet work as well as original designed clay jewelry over the years in juried craft shows on the East Coast.

I’ve always enjoyed drawing and painting as well and went to art school right out of high school.  After following other passions including music, I recently returned to my drawing, working in mixed media of colored pencils, watercolors, and pen and ink.  I approach many of my drawings in a freeform kind of way.  With blank paper and lots of colors in front of me, I often never know what will come next as I add a squiggle here and a leaf there.

After art school I went on to study English, which led me to writing including lyrics and poetry. My music career followed.  I am also a singer/songwriter having performed with many different types of musical groups including 18 piece jazz big bands (It’s how I met my saxophone and flute-playing husband!)

Along with my drawing and crochet, I am currently recording a children’s album, as well as music for grown-ups. 

I’m relatively new to freeform and I must say this challenge has been a wonderfully expansive experience for me!  I find now I am approaching yarn in a new way and doors have opened to all kinds of design possibilities. I was very inspired by the 61 bundles of yarns in this challenge although it wasn’t easy at first to figure out what to do.  Having to use novel color combinations made me think outside the box.  I especially loved adding surface crochet with the sparkly yarns. Getting to know fellow freeformers has also been a joy.

"Yarn Burst"

"Flower Burst"

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