2017 Michele Lasker

Michele Lasker
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74133

I travel a lot and I am constantly inspired by farmland, drainage ponds, rivers, canyons...all things natural.

 I sit by the window on the airplane and I look for the amazing patterns and shapes that one can see from the air. I wonder who lives on the land, did someone die on that land, are these natural occurrences or were they changed by man.  

The colors vary, the landscape changes, and the red embroidery embeds the idea of the land changing and people's lives being changed.

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  1. The embroidery and the red flowing lines take this work to another level. Rivers of life free-flowing in the landscape. Great work Michele.

  2. I see it! The coloring is different, but so reminiscent of what one sees during air travel. Love the irregular bits of knitted "land" and the red streams or arteries.

  3. This piece is extraordinary...I love all of its detail and flow!


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