2017 Deborah Levine-Donnerstein

Deborah Levine-Donnerstein
Asheville, NC

Wildflowers in a Transitioning Dessert Dawn

                                                          Dimensions in land and sky
                                                          evoke snakes returning to their clandestine shelters
                                                          with wildflowers opening
                                                          in a mountain valley desert spring.
                                                          Shapes cultivate each other,
                                                          interwoven in their varied fibers
                                                          they unite in textured colors
                                                          to create their changing cloud cover.
                                                          Shadows emerge
                                                          as a mix of bright reds, orange-yellows, and golds
                                                          reach upward
                                                          when dawn awakens.

Special Thanks to Ed Donnerstein for his photography.
Thanks to our two cats, Chloe and Chelsea, for not tugging on the yarn.

Dedicated to the late Eireen Jacobson, a dear friend, and mystic in fiber and beads.




  1. Nice bead work Deborah, and great wildflowers and dawn colours.

  2. A riot of color and textures! Lovely!

  3. Veronica Smith10:54

    Wonderful colours

  4. Your happy colours make me smile.


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