2016 Christina Lee

Christina Lee
Bradenton, Florida

Free Form Shawl

I live in Florida, and I totally love it here!  In thinking of the theme for this Challenge, in my yard I have a wide variety of palm trees, fruit and nut trees (orange, lemon, grapefruit, papaya, mango, avocado to name a few), fruiting vines and much more.  

I love a yard filled with trees, flowers and growing things.  I particularly love bougainvilleas.  In previous places I lived, I grew a lot of house plants inside in an attempt to bring the outdoors and spring inside during the long cold winters.  Here in Florida all my previous house plants now grow in my yard, (i.e. coleus, crotons, philodendrons).  

From my deck I have a view of both the Manatee and Braden Rivers.  My Shawl is an abstract interpretation of all of that Flora and Fauna here in my yard, here in Florida, and a little blue thrown to represent the rivers. I also love bike riding the trials, sunsets on the beach and kayaking all the Florida water trails.  

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