2015 Shannon Hunter

Shannon Hunter

Tamborine, Queensland, Australia

My entry is interpreted as an aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef. 

The How:  Fine 2 ply yarn was hand dyed in several batches to get just the right mottled shades of eucalyptus and brown, then freeformed in bubble stitch to emulate textures of rainforest covered islands. Smooth sandy beaches are rounds of double crochet, in several shades of white, beige and cream. Some islands are left bare in the middle, with plant life around the edges, depicting tidal pools.  The vast ocean in between is crocheted in dc and tr, stitching into only the back strand of each stitch, forming the ripple effect of waves moving into shore and ocean currents. Colours are lightest where the water is shallow, moving from shades of palest aqua through azure, turquoise, ultramarine, peacock, jade and every shade of blue/green in between, to darkest cobalt and teal where channels are deepest. Each island was then carefully pieced together with ladder stitch, then stretched onto a canvas, attached to a backing canvas and hung. It measures 51 by 81cm (20ins by 32ins). 

The Heart Song:    aqua, turquoise, green
                               rippling Nature's heartbeats
                               to white sandy shore


  1. maravilloso trabajo!

  2. Love your work and the colours you choose to portray the natural world that you love. I just bought your Pixie Pouch pendant hand felted- the turquoise one with the silver shell embellishment from Canungra Books & Art. I am wearing it now! So delightful. Your memorable tag: 'take time to make beautiful things' on the black leaf, inspires and encourages me! Thank you x


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