2015 Lynn Hall

Lynn Hall
Glass House Mountains, Queensland Australia
Knit1 Knot2

The Rock Pool

The theme is Ocean / the colour of water.
This Freeform 3D and textural creation it shows the viewer the varying levels within a rock pool.

The 3D wave at the top is to gain movement of the water entering a rock pool. There is also, the play of the action of water ‘on the surface’. This wave moves you down into the bottom of the rock pool to explore what is there.

The focus is on the interplay of light and the iridescence of blues and greens, as seen in the tropical rock pools around The Great Barrier Reef of Queensland Australia.

A range of textural stitches in knitting and crochet was using fibres such as wool (hand dyed, pure and blended)  acrylic and cotton has been used and set in a silver frame. 

Art work : 86cms x 63cms

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