2015 Gayle Heath

Gayle Heath

Rotorua, New Zealand

Pacific Tunic

Sparkling Pacific Ocean waters,

A mix of teal and turquoise hues,
In sunlight, emeralds shining,
In moonlight, grays and blues.

Living in New Zealand we all have easy access to the oceans surrounding our beautiful small country. I love the rich blues, greens and turquoise that make up the Pacific Ocean.

This pacific tunic is made from crochet motifs, each one unique, and with shapes felted from scraps of wool and surrounded by crochet, as New Zealand is surrounded by the ocean. Many of the motifs include spirals, the shape of many shells, the hem has an organic flow to it representing the constant movement of the ocean.

All of the yarns to make this piece came from my stash, no yarn was purchased specifically for this project. Many textures and fibre content are included to give depth to the piece as the ocean has.

Bust size 102cm, 40”. Tunic length from shoulder approximately 100cm, 49 1/2”



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