2015 Fairuz Humaira

Fairuz Humaira

Melancholy Waves

This crochet neck-warmer inspired from the beauty of Indonesian’s seas. It’s consists of infinity islands and surrounded by seas. Therefore I choose these colours on the crochet in order to visualise people how extraordinary Indonesia’s Seas are.

I hope this poetry below could connect us between human’s feelings and nature signs because as you see, nature never gives up living in this cruel earth.

Waves after waves,
               crashing on the shore,
         non-stop relentless
          the waves carry on.

My mind is like ocean,
                 thoughts are like waves,
          non-stop relentless,
       keep crashing on.

Sometimes so soft
                 but sometimes so rough
        just like the waves
            my thoughts carry on.

Slave of the moon,
                     strong wind over the ocean,
            waves have no choice,
     they have to obey.

Mind like the waves
is also a slave
     of circumstances,
                    prisoner of my conscience.

Waves and thoughts
           with powerful force,
                they keep crashing on.


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