2013 Juanita Quiñones

Juanita Quiñones
BoricuaCrochet in Ravelry

Mother Earth – Here she is basking in the sunshine with her creation; the Earth she holds in her hands, close to her; the one from which she was born. A sunny beach, with a palm tree, white sands, and foamy waves is her preferred place. She was born from the rocks, trees, leaves and flowers. The mountain gives shape to her body. The leaves will dress her. Here she is hoping everyone will cherish, enjoy, conserve and protect the Earth so that she will remain as beautiful or better throughout eternity for our children and their children’s future. This is dedicated to all the mothers, specially my Mom Betty, without whom life can’t exist, whose wisdom and dedication help makes us who we are. This project is also dedicated to my sister Mayra whose art provided for its inspiration. 
Made with love by Juanita Quiñones. 

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