2013 Nancy LoVecchio

Nancy LoVecchio
Effort, Pa

Earth, the beautiful "blue marble" as described by the astronauts from deep

Our Earth, so seemingly vast to the early explorers, gets smaller all the time. Modern means of travel have opened up the possibilities of experiencing places we once read about, but never dreamed we would see.  And the luxury of the internet enables us to converse daily with others the World over, with the intimate feeling of talking over the fence rather than to opposite sides of the Globe. And with all this shrinking, it became apparent to me that its high time to begin thinking on a global level rather than country of origin.  So now, whenever I hear Kate Smith singing "God Bless America", I like to sing along with my own new and improved version, "God Bless the Mother Earth", for no matter where any of us may live upon her, she truly is our ultimate"home sweet home".

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