2013 Lynda Morgan

Lynda Morgan
Keene, Texas USA

  Mother Earth’s Tree

This tree is not just a tree it stands firm
To always watch over you.
This tree is not only a tree it is
A tree full of magic and can make things happen.
This tree makes hopes become realities
And dreams become possible.
This tree is not just a tree it is where
Mother Earth started everything. 
It is the Tree of Life.

My design came from me loving the wooded areas with leaves changing with the seasons and happy streams flowing through. Sitting among the trees gives me solitude and communication with Mother Earth. Used the colors of Fall in my yarns, recycled an old sweater for the base, the face is Mod Podged, yarn bombed the tree, used crochet, loom knitting, weaving, and scattered silk leaves to accent the base.
Mother Earth has always taken care of us so it is time to do our part in helping take care of her.


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