2013 Kathie Cureington

Kathie Cureington
Panama City Beach, Florida

            Mother Earth of mine,

            Mother of my Earth,

            I bow down to you greatness,

            Your beauty, and your grace.

            Humble, I stand before you.

            You always meet my needs.

            How could I ever harm you?

            Eternally, you plant the seeds.

            The seasons swirl around us

            Like comets in the wind.

            You give your greatest glory;

            Love that knows no end.

            I always do respect you

            And learn from your charms.

            Keeping my life great for you,

            Because you hold me in your arms.

            Mother Sun is your redeemer.

            Brother wind is at your back.

            All your beauty is before us,

            There is nothing we can lack.

                                       Kathie Cureington

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