2013 Christina Lee

Christina Lee
 Bradenton, FL USA
 Knitting & Crochet Friends Leader
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This is a group project.  I lead a knitting and crochet group weekly in my local area named Knitting & Crochet Friends.  One lady, Bobbie, who was a member of the group from almost the very beginning, (for the past four years) recently lost her battle with cancer.  Our group made this Free Form Banner in her memory.  
I cut the felt, crocheted the scrumble grass/flowers in the bottom left corner, the flower stems, and two of the flowers.  I crocheted the border and assembled the whole banner.  Members of the group made the rest of the flowers, the leaves, the crocheted heart, and the quilted articles on the right hand side, (we have some quilters in our group too).  We are presenting it to Bobbie's Husband on Sunday, Mother's Day, as a group memorial to her.  She loved to crochet, she loved the group meetings, and loved to bless others with her crochet as gifts, she is truly missed!

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