2013 Barbara Lawler

Barbara Lawler

The inspiration for my Mother Earth bag is the 120 year old Oak tree at the end of my garden.

The land originally belonged to the local church and there are 7 Oak trees surrounding my property. Most English Oak trees of this age have a preservation order on them but these seemed to have escaped. Tree preservation orders give local authorities the power to protect trees. It means the tree can't be cut down or pruned without consent from the council.

One side of my bag shows Mother Earth above ground and my impression of what the landscape may have looked 120 years ago. It was farmland and although we are only 4 miles from the city centre of Birmingham (England), it would have been very much thought of as the countryside in those days. The reverse shows Mother Earth below ground and here I imagined all the layers, roots, fossils etc. that would have accumulated over the years. The bag(46cms x 40cms) is lined and has a magnetic fastener.

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